3 Things a Coworking Space Taught Us About Work

Coworking spaces are great for many different reasons. They get you out and around other professionals both inside and outside of your industry. You get to form relationships and you get to meet people within all different stages of their careers. 

The Source Brand Solutions office is located downtown Mansfield in a coworking space called Idea Works. Whether you need a kitchen for your culinary business or a podcast studio to record in, Idea Works has it all and has been so inclusive to work in. 

Here’s four things coworking has taught us about work: 

  1. Building a network is important.
    Not only does building connections outside of your industry lead to business for you and your company, but relationships are a huge part of making a sale and building your image. You could get business from the relationship you form, or they can refer you to people that they know, and it’s a cycle. Coworking spaces help you organically make conversation with others in the space.
  1. Gaining a fresh perspective helps you do better work.
    Let’s face it, sometimes a fresh perspective is much needed. And I mean a fresh perspective as in an opinion from someone from outside of your business – a completely unbiased opinion. That’s the beauty of coworking spaces. You can work together with so many people but also not be a part of the same organization. You get twice as many opinions and twice as many different ideas when you really connect with others within the space. 
  1. Time away from home is sometimes needed to focus.
    As there are many benefits of working from home, getting into an office has a way of helping you focus without all of the daily distractions. Because let’s face it, when you’re sitting at home, it’s easy to look and think about what needs to be cleaned, laundry needs done, and the yard needs to be mowed. In an office, those tasks are likely to be out of sight out of mind which is great when you really need to focus on your work.
  2. Learn about events and opportunities in your area.
    In a co-working space, you meet a lot of people from different companies which means you hear about various events and opportunities in your area. It’s a great way to not only get involved in your community, but to simply know what is going on in your community. 

    Check out the Idea Works website to see what we mean. There really is a space for everybody and we’re so proud to have our office based there.