Using Animated Local Advertising Formats – A Case Study

Display advertising is an effective way to promote general brand awareness and/or a time-bound sale or event for your business. When you layer that with a delivery method that repeatedly puts your message in front of a highly- engaged local audience, you have a powerful advertising combination. That’s what newsletter advertising provides.

Advertising in a Source Media Property newsletter provides you the opportunity to connect with some of our most engaged and active readers. Newsletter subscribers want to know what is happening in their town. They are more likely to support local businesses and attend events. And one of the best parts, as a newsletter subscriber you do not share your ad spot with anyone else. Your ad appears 100% of the time during your campaign. 

You get 100% share of voice per position. These are seen primarily by pillars in the community: people that care about events and local businesses. This advertisement is very ideal for events, nonprofits and charities can really benefit from this format as well. 

We have 8,000 contacts on Richland Source, 3,000 contacts on Knox Pages, and 4,000 contacts on Ashland Source. 

Newsletter ads are also very cost effective. Typically they are under $200 per month for a long term or a short term period. These spots fill up very quickly so be sure to contact us to see

What about Park Ave Ads? These Real Estate Showcase ads were developed to give real estate agents a way to create eye-catching ads that promote their most important properties. We design these showcase ads with a stylish, simple design that puts pertinent property information front and center. 

We design and traffic, then you as the agent can easily update ads with new images and property information on the fly, with large photos used to generate interest and encourage user engagement.

They’re very convenient and easy to update. Clients can go in themselves and update property listings as they need. 

Check out our recent client success story with  Keller Williams Legacy group, Scott Young (Mansfield). They ran a Park Ave Ad for a 3 month period. 

They received 940 clicks with a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.50%. This result is WAY above average. The average for our site in particular is 0.11%-0.14%. 

You can view other types of Park Ave Ads that fit a real estate approach here.

If you want to be seen and recognized by pillars within the community, both advertisements are a great choice. 

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 419-610-2100 and let us walk you through next steps and find out which would be the best for you.