Clarify your message so more customers engage

Create a clear message and 5-part marketing plan for your business with a StoryBrand Marketing Workshop







An unclear brand message is costing you time and money!

Organizations that fail to communicate clearly face a ton of unnecessary challenges.

  • We’ve invested a lot of money in marketing and it’s not producing results
  • Our team lacks a unified message to share our brand story
  • Our marketing strategy is scattered and ineffective
  • Writing a new marketing piece takes forever because we don’t know what to write
  • We don’t have a clear system for creating marketing that saves time and money
  • Our sales people are overwhelmed at how to follow up with leads
  • Our customers don’t understand what we do
  • We’ve been around for decades and we’re still trying to figure out our message

Here’s the bottom line: Your marketing should invite customers into a relationship with you, and it should work. Anything else is costing you valuable time and money.

A StoryBrand Marketing Workshop is just what you need!

A StoryBrand Marketing Workshop Will Transform Your Company

Creating marketing can feel overwhelming, but businesses that clarify their message and build a sales funnel are the ones that thrive in the marketplace. During a StoryBrand Marketing Workshop, you’ll get a clear message that connects with customers.

A clear message allows you to create

  • A message that unites your team and connects with customers
  • An elevator pitch you can use in meetings, at parties or on sales calls
  • A wireframe for a new website that will get you more business
  • An email sales sequence to close the deal and increase salesA lead generator to collect emails and onboard customers

But more than that you will…

✔️ Resolve years of indecision.
✔️ Unite your team behind a common language.
✔️ Help employees understand your mission and work with a deeper sense of meaning.
✔️ Make organizational objectives clearer and easier to execute.
✔️ Streamline your sales script and messaging.
✔️ Get the attention you deserve in the marketplace
✔️ Be empowered to increase revenue and scale

You will finally feel confident about your message, website, emails and marketing plan. You will have a plan and resources you can immediately implement.

“Going through the StoryBrand Private Workshop, with Source Brand Solutions as our guide, helped us uncover our central message
and we’ll now be able to create clear marketing and branding using this valuable knowledge.”

Annamarie Fernyak

Annamarie Fernyak

co-founder, idea works ohio
Attended StoryBrand Private Workshop

Clarify your message and create a marketing plan that works with a complete marketing overhaul


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StoryBrand Marketing Workshop Packages

Ideal for 1-5 People

StoryBrand Marketing Livestream Only

Attend a virtual livestream event where StoryBrand HQ will teach you the 7-part StoryBrand framework and show you how to build a sales funnel that will grow your business. All teaching will be done by StoryBrand HQ, but you will be personally coached by an SBS team member during the event so you can be confident that you are doing it right!

Ideal for 1-5 People

StoryBrand Marketing Livestream +

In addition to attending the StoryBrand Marketing Livestream, you will also receive a full Brand Message Guide document, website audit and a 1:1 coaching session with your SBS coach within 2 weeks after the event.

Ideal for groups of 6+

StoryBrand Private Marketing Workshop

Bring the StoryBrand Marketing Workshop to you! This is a great opportunity to bring key leaders and team members together to learn the StoryBrand framework and create your company’s clear message and marketing plan together. You will also receive a Brand Message Guide and 2 follow up 1:1 coaching sessions after the workshop.

Upcoming Livestream Dates:
September 20-21, 2021

“I swear, the past two days just flew by because we were so busy and had fun putting in the work. Ended up with just what we wanted: clarity in our brand message. THANK YOU!”

Kimberly Atwell

Kimberly Atwell

cLient care manager, Debt Recovery Services
Attended StoryBrand Livestream

Communicating clearly is the most effective way to grow your business

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Meet your Marketing Workshop Facilitator

Audrey Longstreth is a Digital Marketing Strategist for Source Brand Solutions and a certified StoryBrand Workshop Facilitator. Her fascination for storytelling and communication led her to earn BA in Communication Arts from Malone University. She considers herself incredibly blessed to exercise her process, strategy, storytelling mind to help businesses thrive.

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