Meet the Team: Jay Allred.

Welcome to our series we like to call: Meet the Team. 

Without further ado, everybody meet Jay Allred: President of Source Brand Solutions. 

We asked Jay a few brief questions, both business and personal. We want you, our audience to get to know the faces behind the scenes. 

1. List any necessary background information about yourself (i.e. your degree/college). 

I graduated from Ashland University in ’95 with a degree in history.  

2. What’s your title/role within Source Brand Solutions? 

I’m our President. 

3. What’s one thing you love about this company?

The people I get to work with are among the smartest, most driven, most curious people I’ve ever known. The challenge of frequently being the third or fourth smartest person in the room is something I just love. I learn from our team every day, and on those days where I get the chance to teach or mentor it’s a real honor.

4. Outside of work, what are some hobbies you enjoy?

I love cycling and being active. Almost anything with wheels and forward motion interests me, from bikes, to motorcycles, to skateboards. I also enjoy cooking and fiddling around in my workshop or my garden. 

5. What’s something on your bucket list you haven’t done yet but plan on achieving?

Sometime in the next couple of years I want to ride a double-century, which is 200 miles.