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We help leaders gain customers and keep their business growing

Our Mission

Most businesses won’t grow without a digital marketing strategy. At Source Brand Solutions, we help them pick the words and find the path to gain customers and keep their businesses growing.

Our Characteristics


We connect audiences to the most interesting and valuable elements of people, products, and places through the art and science of story.


We pursue the goals companies care about with unrelenting focus and drive.


Our data-driven recommendations factor in a company’s industry and goals.

When businesses thrive, whole communities benefit

Businesses have limited money, time, and personnel. They also often lack a strategy to use those resources to effectively sell their products and services. All of this leads to stress, bad decisions, and yes, sometimes even failure.

We serve leaders as a marketing partner; providing creative, data-driven strategy and implementation to ensure their marketing

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Meet Our Experts

With diverse backgrounds ranging from higher education to journalism, and of course marketing agency experience, each Individual on the Source Brand Solutions team brings something special to the table.

Jay Allred

Jay Allred


A keen sense of values and a coherent strategy that lines up with what your company believes in is the secret sauce to effective content marketing. Today’s consumer cares about what you care about. If you can’t instantly communicate that, you’re in trouble.

My job is to help you figure out why your organization exists, who you serve, and why anyone should care. From there, we’ll work with our team to develop messaging that aligns with your values and talks directly to your target customer.

Angie Cirone

Angie Cirone

Sales Director

Digital Marketer Certification: Conversion Funnel Mastery

I oversee the Inside Sales Department and manage projects for clients. My job is to demonstrate how the services on our media platforms such the jobs board, business directory and display ads are easy to use and beneficial to your business. On the project management side, I ensure a seamless transition between the time you sign on to use our services until your marketing campaign is complete.

I enjoy applying my journalism and communications background to the work we do at SBS. I have a passion for helping business owners design campaigns and craft messaging that will resonate with their customers.

My husband and I enjoy taking our twins on adventures locally and throughout the region. I also enjoy a good theater or symphony production.

Adam Fox

Adam Fox

Digital Marketing Director

Certification of Participation: Harvard University Division of Continuing Education

A decade worth of digital marketing experience doesn’t tell you a whole lot. It began with simple SEO, and I now do complete conversion-based strategies for clients, covering social media, content, paid ads and website development.

After years of being immersed in the big-city agency life, I finally broke out and started my own company, Bivy Marketing. While pitching white-label services to Source Brand Solutions and Richland Source, I was offered a job.

Kept my company shares and moved to a new venture here at SBS. Why? Because of their “why.” SBS understood that growing companies make communities better, and I wanted to be involved with that sense of purpose.

Quick hits: my background is in journalism, I’m a published novelist, Harvard-educated and mountaineering is my obsession. Summit pic or obit, brah!

Audrey Longstreth

Audrey Longstreth

Growth Strategist

Digital Marketer Certification: Content Marketing Mastery

Hi, I’m Audrey and I’m an Growth Strategist on the team. Being an Growth Strategist basically means I get to travel to the corners of our communities to talk to business leaders and community movers and shakers about the cool things they are doing or hope to be doing soon.

My role is to listen first and ask a lot of questions to truly get to know your organization – its mission, culture, goals, needs, obstacles and even fears. From there I serve as the liaison between your organization and our supercool team as we collaborate on custom solutions to elevate your brand and mission through digital marketing and strategy. Basically, I’m your go-to girl!

I have always been fascinated by storytelling and communication. That fascination led me to earn my BA in Communication Arts from Malone University (‘10) and pursue career paths that allow me to resource individuals and organizations of all shapes, sizes and missions to help better themselves and, ultimately, our communities. I consider myself incredibly blessed to exercise my process, strategy, story-telling mind to help businesses thrive.

In addition, I am a wife, furry-animal lover, mediocre musician, (board) gamer and movie connoisseur.

Leah Gesouras

Leah Gesouras

Account Executive

Digital Marketer Certification: Email Marketing Mastery

Hi everyone, I’m Leah! I’m the Inside Sales Executive for Richland Source. I grew up in Mansfield and have been heavily involved in the arts and local non profit community. With my BA in communications and specializing in musical theatre, I wanted to travel and explore the country. Fun fact; I’ve worked and traveled in seven different states and abroad with more to come!

After living in New York for three years, I was able to hone my skills in sales and networking which gave me a well-rounded perspective within a diverse population. I found my passion in the New York theatre/film scene, but wanted to engage in my hometown community and make an impact. With this passion, I knew I’d be able to contribute with Source Brands Solutions by dedicating my time to collaborating and helping businesses grow.

You can catch me sipping (a lot) of coffee at Relax! It’s Just Coffee or at the Renaissance Theatre where I enjoy performing in local productions. I’m a lover of all things beauty and wellness, yoga, Star Wars and taking pictures of cute dogs when they probably weren’t looking.

Zac Hiser

Zac Hiser

Product & Marketing

Digital Marketer Certification: Paid Traffic Mastery

Hi, I’m Zac Hiser, Platform Director for Richland Source. I was thrilled to accept that position in the summer of 2017. I’ll tell you why in a second, but first – here’s a little bit more about my current role: I make strategic website and marketing-related decisions for Richland Source, Ashland Source and Knox Pages. I serve business agreements through Source Brand Solutions, primarily offering marketing strategy, social media advertising, content and video. And every once in awhile – I get to cover college football and NBA basketball games. Perks of working within a small news organization that has a large reach!

So, why is Richland Source and Source Brand Solutions the perfect fit for me? I have a BA in Communications and always wanted to work within a news organization. But, after college (2011), I got a social media internship in San Diego at the Balboa Park Sustainability Program. Social Media for brands was taking off at the time and traditional media was struggling. Over the next 6 years, I worked for a couple different marketing agencies until I accepted the position at Richland Source. To be able to work strategically with various brands while also being a core part of the marketing team that drives an influential local newsroom is truly a great gig.

In my leisure time – I enjoy hanging out with my wife and two daughters, camping, hiking, watching sports, and swiping through Reddit, Instagram and Twitter.

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