Lead a High-Performance Team

StoryBrand Private Workshops to unite your team members around a common language, knowledge and practice

✔ Training from StoryBrand certified facilitator

✔ Time to finally complete your messaging

✔ Instructions on how to apply the framework

A mission statement is not enough

Your employees need a framework to achieve their individual and team goals. Miscommunications waste company time and money. There is a proven method to streamline your operations and communications.

Not your typical corporate training


Bring your people together

Entry-level through C-suite employees can work together to create your company’s story. You’ll complete your messaging in just a day and a half.


Create internal alignment

If your company messaging always falls to one person, there could be communication breakdowns that waste time and cause frustration.


Eliminate confusion

When employees don’t have clarity on what the company does, they can confuse your external stakeholders too.

Our processes were transformed through The StoryBrand Framework. We’re confident your company will benefit too.

Source Brand Solutions is a growing marketing agency with talented people from diverse professional backgrounds. When we would have team meetings to plan and complete tasks, we would get caught up on how to do it. We started reading “Building a StoryBrand,” by Donald Miller and realized it was the missing ingredient for our team. We decided to become a certified StoryBrand Agency and our training kickoff with a workshop. StoryBrand is infused into all of our internal processes and the methods we use to create marketing for our clients.

Our Facilitator

Audrey Longstreth is a Digital Marketing Strategist for Source Brand Solutions and a certified StoryBrand Workshop Facilitator. Her fascination for storytelling and communication led her to earn BA in Communication Arts from Malone University. She considers herself incredibly blessed to exercise her process, strategy, storytelling mind to help businesses thrive.

Our StoryBrand certification training was a really good investment. I knew our Business Made Simple University training prior to our workshop was helping our team develop a common framework. Then the private workshop we participated in took us to a higher level of proficiency in telling our story and creating messaging for our clients in just 1.5 days. We continue to rely on our workshop training as we polish our skills every day.


President, Source Brand Solutions

Three types of workshops

1-Day Workshop

Bring up to 20 employees together to gain a sold understanding of the framework and while completing a unique BrandScript for their department or division.

$12,000 virtual
$15,000 in-person, plus travel

1.5-Day Workshop

This is ideal for 10-15 key employees to be trained in the framework and complete one BrandScript together. We’ll discuss how to develop one piece of marketing material at the end of the workshop.

$12,000 virtual
$15,000 in-person, plus travel

2-Day Workshop

Many companies want additional training on how to apply the framework. After completing a BrandScript, we’ll create multiple pieces of marketing material such as a one-liner, website wireframe, lead generator and email sequence.

$16,000 virtual
$20,000 in-person, plus travel

How it Works

1. Meet with Us

We’ll discuss your company’s goals and determine what type of workshop will make the most impact.

2. Schedule your Workshop

We’ll work around your schedule to find the most convenient time for your company. On training day, we ensure everyone is engaged from beginning to end.

3. Reach Top Performance

The workshop will put your company on a trajectory to reach higher goals by following a framework and putting it into practice.

Move your team from confusion to clarity

Your business’s growth and success depend on being able to unite your team around a shared message that guides everything you do. You may have a mission statement, but most of your employees probably can’t tell you what it is let alone believe that it provides any sense of guidance or alignment in their role.

What if you could change that?

A StoryBrand Private Workshop is the perfect opportunity to clarify your company’s message. Our workshops unify teams around a common language, common knowledge and common practice within your organization. You will see improved teamwork and clarity of purpose.

Bringing key stakeholders together for one to two days, can be logistically challenging. We’ll work around your schedule and arrange it so people on your team who can’t clear their whole day can at least be trained on the core concepts of the framework.

The investment of time and dollars in your messaging framework will give your company a solid foundation to be able to run successful marketing campaigns.

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