Google My Business Weekly Checklist

Google My Business is essentially a profile your organization can set up so that when a customer Googles you, Google will pull your “profile” up which will have a direct link to your website, a phone number, address and all the other essential information customers would need to know. 

This is necessary because when somebody can’t find a phone number to a business, the first place they typically go to search is Google. 

So when a customer searches for your business, not only will they find the number they will need, but they will also get a direct link to your website, business location, and you will be able to see reviews. 

Setting up a Google My Business account is completely free to set up as well. 

Here’s a checklist you can refer to on a weekly or monthly basis in order to keep up with your account to make sure everything is always up to date. 

  1. Respond to all of the reviews you receive. We highly recommend keeping up with responses as this makes for good engagement with your customers. 
  2. Update holiday hours. Obviously this won’t be a weekly task, but it’s important to remember when the time comes. Customers are always searching online to see what’s open and what isn’t during holiday seasons. 
  3. Make sure you have the correct website linked. 
  4. Look at your analytics. On your profile, it will tell you how your profile is performing. How many people are searching you, how many are clicking on your website link, etc. It’s important to stay up to date with these analytics so you can track your progress. 
  5. Create posts. On your account you have an option to create a post whether it’s about different updates, offers, products, etc. Utilize this if you can. The more you utilize and the more information you provide, the better. And as you make these posts, they will stay on your profile for all to see. 
  6. Fill out the ‘about’ section. Again, once you create the profile this will be an option. Something we as a company like to do with an “about us” section is insert a one-liner. A one-liner is a simple sentence that states what problem you solve for your customers and how. 
  7. Make sure your business address is up to date. This is a given, but it never hurts to double check that it’s correct. 

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