The Benefits of Direct Ad Buying for North Central Ohio Businesses.

Are you considering running an ad campaign for your company but you’re not sure what direction to take? There are many options including buying directly from a local news website or blog, buying through a programmatic ad exchange, and buying through a social media platform.

Local ad placements on Richland Source, Ashland Source and Knox Pages are reviewed each quarter and optimized to deliver value to local advertisers. 

So, what makes buying local ads so convenient and cost effective? You get professional management of your ad campaign, and you get exposure to a local news audience.

Buying ads in a local online news outlet puts your brand in front of readers who are already thinking about local issues and events. 

That’s better than paying a couple dollars less, doing a ton of work, and risking your ad popping up in a poor placement on an unrelated blog site.

We have both local and national ad professionals ensuring the quality of our system and services. Many ad systems – especially programmatic ones – are simply set up for cost and efficiency. This means anyone doing the buying has to have training and experience to make sure that low sticker price for placements offers any value at all. 

We offer professional management, much stricter quality control and a team of creative coaches to maximize your campaign. 

And we run regular sales to make sure our local ads are accessible to even the smallest of budgets.

So when you work with Source Brand Solutions and our Source Media Properties, you get creative campaigns that help you skip the wild and competitive ad landscape and get directly in front of your local customers. 

When you’re ready to advertise, our creative team can customize a campaign that aligns with your goals.