Client Success Story Using a Facebook Ad Campaign

Problem: Richland Academy needed to fill classes for the Fall semester and struggled due to the challenges of COVID-19. A lot of facilities are still practicing remote learning and not even doing in person classes. 

Solution:  We ran a series of Facebook ad campaigns between August – October, 2020 to drive class registration. 

  • We used various objectives: Reach, Clicks to website, phone calls and engagement. 
  • Our messaging and creatives were designed to resonate with parents of young children – promoting the Arts as a way to make their kids feel special, seen and potentially unlock some of that creativity that exists within them:
    • “Give them the thrill of their potential”
    • “Don’t let their potential go unnoticed”
    • “Give them their moment to shine”
    • Few of the creatives are attached. 
  • We used various audiences, including: 
    • A lookalike audience — based off of past registration info
    • Interest-based audiences that indicate parents of young kids, homeschoolers, parents interested in the arts, etc. 
    • Audiences that expanded into Crawford and Ashland areas to drive new student registration outside of Mansfield. 
    • Audiences that were limited to ages 60+ to promote Senior classes. 

Result: Overall, these campaigns reached over 80,000 people, drove over 3,000 link clicks and over 4,300 engagements on the ads. 

Testimonial: “As we are all functioning in the 9th month after the alarming discovery of Covid 19, I wanted to express my thanks to you and Richland Source- Source Brands. Not only are we grateful for your media sponsorship, but extremely grateful for the professional guidance we are receiving from your team.
Here’s why:

We are operating at 92% registration numbers compared to 1 year ago. We all think it is quite incredible that our numbers are that high and of the 92%, 44% are new students! There is no question why this is happening…the digital presence we are enjoying in Richland, Ashland and Crawford Counties especially. If we had not made the decision to enter into a contract with you in July, I hate to think of where we would be during these critical unchartered waters.

– Marianne Cooper, Richland Academy of the Arts. 

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