Getting started with Google Ads

Adam, our Digital Marketing Director, runs Google Ad campaigns regularly and weighed in on how they can impact a business.

What are they? What are their importance? How should you, as a small business start incorporating them into your marketing tactic? 

What are Google Ads? 

On the search engine results page, the top 2-3 results are paid ads, or Google Ads. They are based on search intent. So if you type in “shoes,” the ad will be for a shoe store that wants you to click to their site and buy shoes. 

What does the average business owner need to know about Google Ads? 

Business owners should know it’s great for many products and services, but not all. It needs to be as specific as possible. You’ll burn through all your budget if you compete against “dentist,” but you can have great success with “after hours dentist” or something along those lines. 

What does the average business owner need to know to get started? 

To get started, you just need to have an idea of what people are searching for related to what you are offering. BUT, most companies get that wrong. At Source Brand Solutions, we use software to look at search volume, competitors, costs, bids, trends, etc., to get the most relevant traffic to your site. 

Google Ads are built so any owner can start a campaign. They have two dashboards, one for experts and one for beginners. You’ll never be able to target and get the results on the beginner level, but Google will take your money and show some clicks and the owner will feel good. 

Source Brand Solutions ensures delivery and proper reporting at the end of the campaign. 

Get in touch with us! We’d love to help you get started. 

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