How this agency got its message across to 9 counties in Northeast Ohio

We met with Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging, Inc. to discover their marketing needs for 2020. They needed to reach Ohioans across 9 counties to inform them of the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). This program helps eligible Ohioans pay for their winter and summer utility bills. The Area Agency on Aging answers questions around eligibility and assists with applications. 

The Area Agency on Aging specifically wanted to reach Ohioans over 50 years old. We strategized as a team and created a proposal of custom solutions for these clients. Facebook was the obvious choice for their ad because, 1) there is a large, active demographic of 55+ on Facebook, and 2) we could run an ad objective to “Get Messages” allowing older Ohioans who are interested to directly and instantly connect with the Area Agency on Aging about the HEAP program.

RESULTS: Two message campaigns were run. The first, a 3-week campaign in February and March promoting assistance paying winter utility bills. The second, a 3-week campaign in August promoting assistance for paying summer utility bills.

Overall, the campaigns generated 115 messaging conversations started at a cost of $8.70 per message. They reached a total of 11,827 people.

“Send Message” ads on Facebook are a great way to start conversations that get results. Businesses of any size can use the messages ad objective to interact more personally with people in order to get leads, increase sales and answer questions.

Facebook optimizes these ads for replies — finding people within your target audience that are more likely to start a conversation with you. Let us get you set up with a customized Facebook messages ad so you can start driving leads, conversations and sales today. Get in touch with us!

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