What are our Facebook media buyers seeing in the market?

We conducted a short interview with David Yoder (our Digital Services Manager) and Zac Hiser (our Platform Director) here at Source Brand Solutions about what our Facebook media buyers are seeing in the market. 

Yoder and Hiser are extremely knowledgeable in the world of Facebook, so we knew their feedback would be useful to our readers and customers who may be new to Facebook marketing. If you are opening a small business and need a quick way to spread the word about your business, Facebook is generally an easy and effective solution.

We’re here to provide you with what we’ve noticed in small businesses and Facebook marketing. Even if you don’t have a small business, this information could be useful if you plan on starting one. 

What is the climate like for small businesses on Facebook?

ZH: Facebook is still the best social platform for small businesses overall. It’s free and easy to use. Tons of tools that make it easier to promote events, drive product sales, etc. The ads manager and targeting options are second to none. Because of all the success, it’s highly competitive. Small businesses must have a great organic content strategy, be responsive and engaging to their followers and have an ad strategy in order to compete. 

How does that affect local small businesses?

DY: In a time of chaos, businesses that stand out are ones that know their purpose and the customer problem they solve. Thus, we ought to think about how we’re going to market. Every business ought to know how to articulate their what, why and how. What core problem do you solve for your customers? Why does that matter? And how can your customers find and understand that quickly? 

What should they do in response?

ZH: Experiment with boosting posts. This is the tip of the iceberg, but it can produce results. There are plenty of resources out there for you to learn and DIY. https://www.facebook.com/business

Experiment with different types of content. Don’t keep posting things if it gets no interaction or engagement. 

Think outside the box. Be genuine. Don’t be afraid to try things or post news or updates about your business. Use your smartphone and be visual. Be bold. Look for inspiration from other successful brands, individuals and business pages. 

You’re going to have to give your page attention and time to really compete. Don’t have that? Work with an agency, a Facebook ad pro, a content creator. Hire someone to do it really well.

What are some things that are working right now?

DY: Even if you have no website, it’s absolutely free to become discoverable and available on nearly every major platform. In fact, try https://smallbusiness.withgoogle.com/ or try facebook.com/business/small-business. Next, I think it’s important to ask where your website traffic comes from and how it’s going to keep coming.

How does someone get started?

ZH: Learn more about Facebook for business here. There are tons of resources out there for free. https://www.facebook.com/business

Talk to us. We’re Facebook ad professionals and have had success across many different industries. If we’re not a fit for working together – we won’t try to take your money. Maybe what you need is to try some things on your own or in-house for a while. We pride ourselves on giving great advice, then being able to execute on it. 

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