Client Success Story: Targeting Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

Welcome to our blog series we like to call: Success Stories. This series will consist of various stories of what we are doing for our clients. What their problem may be, what we did to solve their problem, and the results.

Background on Facebook Lookalike Audiences:

Facebook Lookalike Audiences are a great way to reach people who are likely to be interested in your business because they are similar to your existing customers.

When you create a Lookalike Audience, you have to choose a source. Examples of a source could be:

  • Website or mobile app visitors, pulled from your Facebook Pixel
  • A csv file of your customers
  • Fans of your Facebook page
  • People that responded “Interested” in your Facebook Event
  • People who watched your video on Facebook

Facebook defines common qualities of people in your source, then delivers an ad to a new, similar audience.


We recently ran a Facebook campaign for a client interested in driving messages to their page. 

We used 3 different audiences in the campaign:

  1. An “Event Responder Lookalike” — an audience similar to those who had previously responded interested or going to this client’s Facebook event.
  2. A “Video Views Lookalike” — an audience similar to those who had previously seen a video on Facebook from this client. 
  3. A “Saved Audience” — this was a manually built audience, not a Lookalike. Targeting anyone by their interests, demographics, location, etc. 


The Lookalike audiences drove a total of 45 messages at a cost of $11.17 per message. The non-Lookalike drove a total of 7 messages at a cost of $13.89 per message.

Knowing how to leverage data with Facebook’s custom audience tools is one of the keys to more effective and profitable Facebook ads. Get in touch with us!