What is StoryBrand?

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you spend so much money on marketing and advertising? For some business leaders the answer is simple – marketing and advertising is just part of the game of doing business. If you want people to do business with you they need to know you exist. So I have a line item for marketing and advertising. 

That is 1,000% true. 

Yet, 8 out of 10 businesses (in our humble opinion) go about that process all wrong. Too often they don’t actually know the best way to get their customer’s attention so they fall prey to personable salesmen offering the “next best thing in advertising” and waste an enormous amount of money playing the game. 

But what if your line item for marketing and advertising in your budget didn’t feel like a black hole where money goes in but never comes back out, but it actually turned into fuel for your business? 

That’s what StoryBrand helps you do. 

Officially, StoryBrand is the marketing division of a larger company led by Donald Miller called Business Made Simple. More importantly though, StoryBrand is a marketing framework that empowers businesses of all industries and sizes to clarify their company message so that more customers engage and their marketing becomes a revenue driving machine for them. 

That’s awesome, right? Yes, absolutely!! 

At Source Brand Solutions we are a certified StoryBrand Agency. This means that we apply this framework to all of the marketing that we do for our clients. We start by developing a clear message using the StoryBrand 7-part framework and then creatively apply that message across campaigns and digital strategies. 

The StoryBrand framework ensures that your marketing is, first and foremost, easy to understand, compelling to your audience and driving customers to action. 

(Fun fact, you can actually learn how to apply this concept across your entire business from marketing to sales to proposals to negotiations and more through Business Made Simple University. To join BMSU click here: https://www.businessmadesimple.com?ref=sourcebrandsolutions

What is the StoryBrand 7-Part Framework

The #1 mistakes most businesses make in their marketing and advertising is they talk about themselves way too much. As a result, they are mostly ignored. If you want your marketing and advertising efforts to stand out and make people notice then you have to tell a story that matters to your audience. How do you do that? You make it all about them!

The StoryBrand 7-part framework is a process that helps you organize the story you are telling. It breaks it down into, well, 7 parts. 

All stories start with a character who has a desire/need (1), but there is a problem that is in their way (2). Then they meet a guide (3) who gives them a plan (4) and calls them to an action (5) that will help them achieve success (6) and avoid failure (7).

That’s the framework. When applied your marketing becomes less about how awesome you are and entirely about how awesome you help your customers become by doing business with you. And that’s a story that gets people’s attention!

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