Finding Your One Liner

A one liner is a single statement you can use to help people realize why they need your product or service. 

The formula for a one liner consists of: 

  1. Problem. What is the main point you solve for your customers? 
  2. Product. What product or service do you offer that solves a problem? 
  3. Result. What positive result will you experience if they buy your product or service?

Simply answer each of these questions, put them together, and you have your one liner! 

There are a few ways your one-liner can be implemented into your business. You could put it in your email signature. You can add it into your bio on all social media accounts. You could put it on your business cards. Have your team memorize it.  

You can learn more in depth about one liners and the whole Storybrand Sales Funnel by signing up to take the Marketing Made Simple course! 

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