Story Minute: The Science of Simple Slideshow Videos

A Story Minute video is a 60- to 90-second video montage of photos set to music. 

How could a Story Minute video help your business? 

These short but powerful videos allow your prospective customers to visualize what you offer and why it’s important for them to work with you. 

They’re effective in telling stories about your organization’s people, processes, products, services, history and more! Which just so happens to be great for showing prospective customers essentially how your products and services can solve your problems, and why they should buy and/or work with you. It allows your prospective customers to also connect and essentially get to know your brand. They are customized for mobile viewing and designed for wide distribution on social media channels. 

Using proven storytelling methods and applying them to short videos enables you to tell engaging stories for your organization. Having a script is important for maximum engagement with your audience. Sign up to get our secret formula and receive more information about our video services.

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