The Power of “Thank You” to a Colleague.

In order to work together efficiently, you have to be able to get along with your colleagues.  

When developing your professional relationship with your colleagues, it’s important to remember that everyone is human. Every human has feelings. Every human longs to be validated (well, at least most do). 

Even if it’s the simplest of tasks a colleague completes, a thank you or simply a kind gesture can go a long way. 

Each employee is doing their best to produce the best work possible. Mistakes will happen, let’s just get that out right now. But in order to learn, you must make those mistakes and learn from them. But the key for all colleagues and leaders is to be encouraging and to give constructive criticism back to whomever made the mistake. 

When you are at work, there’s this preconceived notion that you are to put behind anything negative happening in your life and produce top quality work, no questions asked. Which in some cases, that’s true. You shouldn’t bring outside situations into work.  

However, there are times where emotions may carry over into your work, even if you try to not allow it. 

Being kind and simply saying thank you to a colleague, even if you don’t know it in the moment, could make all the difference to them. Try it out today! 

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