Canva: The Road to Better Graphics

You may have wondered how we create some of our social media content or even some of our marketing materials.

The reality is, you don’t need to use an expensive platform for marketing materials. 

Canva is a design site where you can create graphics for various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube. 

In fact, we use the platform to design our social media posts, media kit and sales sheets. There is a free version and companies can upgrade to a team version inexpensively.

Creating a social media design from a template is easy!

When you’re in Canva on the home page, simply click on templates. From there you have an option to select from an Instagram story, Instagram post, Facebook story, Facebook post, etc. 

Once you find a template that suits your needs, click on it and you can change the wording and even modify the template design if needed.

Save your new creation to your device, and post! It’s very simple and user-friendly. 

Download our media kit to reference as an example! 

We created our entire media kit using Canva, and it was so simple, but looks so well put together, and professional. 

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