What We’ve Learned From Email Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts.

Who still uses email marketing, you may ask? Whether you believe it or not, most organizations use it! 

Email marketing is a great way to promote a current discount, new items or even an event!

You know when you’re online shopping and the site asks that you enter in your email address? And a few days later you get an email letting you know your selected items are now marked down or still available? 

That is called email marketing. Of course there are many different types of email marketing, but I’m here to fill you in on the do’s and don’ts of the matter over all. 

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  1. Write large paragraphs. Let’s be honest. If you send an email to somebody proposing them to purchase a product or service of yours, this means you’re still trying to gain their trust or attention. So when you send an email with long paragraph after long paragraph, they’re bound to hit delete and move on with their day. Keep it short and get to the point. 
  2. Stray away from brand colors. Your brand colors and your logo embodies who you are as an organization. You want to use these same colors so people remember what organization you’re from when they see your color palette. 
  3. Resend your email right away. If a prospect didn’t open your email, sending it again within a day is a good way to make sure they NEVER open your email. Wait about five days or even a week and resend to all non openers. 


  1. Use emojis in subject lines. The eye is attracted to color. So when you add an emoji in the subject line, it attracts attention and will give a greater chance of reading your subject line. Which can then lead to the prospect opening your email with interest. 
  2. Add photos. Again, the eye is attracted to color, as well as visuals. It will make the email more appealing overall if there is a visual included rather than just words. 
  3. Be consistent. Throughout your email, be sure to stay consistent. That means making sure spacing is correct, as well as checking that you’re using the same font throughout the email. Formatting is a huge part in putting out a quality email and helps your credibility/professionalism.

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