How to Build a Strategy around a Social Media Giveaway

Many companies run giveaways this time of year. 

A giveaway doesn’t need to always be a free product, it could also be in the form of a discount on a product, or even just a general way to do public good (ex: helping a family in need).

So, how do you build a strategy around a giveaway? Here’s a few of our tips. 

It’s important to first, establish the purpose of the giveaway. Do you want to give back to the community? Do you want to give your followers/clients a chance to win a product? Do you just want to give away some items for fun? Do you want to gain more followers or build your email list? Establish your why, first. Attach a purpose to it. 

Then, ask yourself how you want this giveaway to be run. You could establish a set of rules your followers need to follow in order to be entered into the giveaway, or you could just give away your products to somebody in need. 

Some examples of rules could be: Like this photo. Share this post on your story. Tag 3 friends in the comments.

Then, make sure you have a fair way to select your winner. 

An example could be: keep track by putting all entries into an excel spreadsheet, and then using a random number generator in Google to select a winner. 

Establish a why, what and how. This will simplify the process and put you on the path to making the giveaway successful for your company and the people participating.

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