Source Brand Solutions earns certification that is transforming the marketing industry.

Most business owners acknowledge that marketing is essential to their business growth. Yet, too often these same business owners can’t confidently say their marketing is delivering the results they need to grow. And it’s not necessarily their fault. Marketers are not always clear on what they will deliver and how it will impact a company’s bottom line. This is an industry problem that needs to be solved.

Business owners should never have to wonder if they are getting a return on their investment. The goals of a marketing campaign should be tied to a company’s goals and key performance indicators. Both the marketer and the company they are working with should know if a campaign was successful.

How much could companies grow if their marketing was delivering results that mattered?

Many business owners are being taken advantage of by marketing companies that sell strategies and plans that are not tied to their goals. Business owners should understand the impact a marketing campaign had on their bottom line, but this is not always the case.

Without effective marketing, businesses often fail to grow. Even worse, they could lose business to a competitor, face layoffs, or close altogether.

Source Brand Solutions understands this problem, so the agency decided to become StoryBrand certified. StoryBrand is a marketing framework developed by New York Times best-selling author, Donald Miller. It leverages the power of narrative combined with best practices in marketing strategy to create meaningful results for businesses of all sizes and industries. 

The StoryBrand framework is based on the idea that every story has a hero and a guide. Most marketing tries to position the business as the hero in their story. However, Storybrand is transforming the marketing industry by flipping the script and positioning the business as the guide in its customer’s story. It asserts that effective marketing is simple to understand and clearly demonstrates how a business solves its customer’s problem. Most importantly, the framework gives an easy to follow path that turns leads into customers. 

The certification process included months of intensive training and practical experience. This certification positions Source Brand Solutions in an elite group of only 17 other marketing agencies nationwide.

“We are thrilled to be able to take our professional knowledge and expertise to the next level,” said Angie Cirone, sales director. “This certification means we will be consistently developing our skills through the StoryBrand network to help businesses gain more customers and increase revenue.”

Since 2018, Source Brand Solutions has created marketing campaigns for businesses in many industries including education, retail, nonprofits, fitness, banking, and real estate.

“The team at SBS has changed the way I connect my services with my customers in an efficient and creative manner. If you’re serious about growing your brand locally, regionally, or even nationally; SBS is your partner,” said Chris Hershberger, owner of Black Belt Pro Fitness, LLC.

Through Sept. 30, Source Brand Solutions is offering a free website audit to new and existing clients. A company’s website is the most important marketing tool it has. It’s the place where almost all customer relationships begin. Business owners can sign up today, and a team member will send a customized video with suggestions on how they can convert more site visitors into customers.

It’s easy to sign up. First, fill out a form. Then, an SBS Digital Marketing Specialist will send a customized video within 1-2 days with practical suggestions that can be implemented right away.

So if you’re wondering if your website is making your money or preventing you from gaining customers, sign up for the website audit today!

Imagine a year from now when you have confidence in your marketing strategy and messaging resulting in new customers and unprecedented growth.

Business owners should never have to wonder if they are getting a return on their marketing investment. Source Brand Solutions is equipped to help transform the marketing industry and deliver results for companies.

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